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      Urogynecologist Willowbrook IL

      Hinsdale & Oak Brook Women’s Clinic (HOWC) is passionate about treating your pelvic health. We understand the sensitive female health concerns that affect women throughout their life span. Our specialized physicians offer exceptional medical care for all your Urogynecologic needs. Don’t let these embarrassing complaints prevent you from seeking care; trust us to offer you state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic treatment options that fit your individualized needs.

      Serving women in Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, Westmont and the surrounding communities.

      Most common Urogynecology concerns we treat:

      • Urinary Incontinence
      • Urinary urgency and frequency
      • Blood in the urine
      • Painful Urination
      • Bladder/Urinary Infections
      • Poor Wound healing after childbirth
      • Pain during intercourse
      • Accidental bowel leakage
      • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
      • Vulvar Skin Disorders
      • Female Sexual Dysfunction
      • Fistula Management

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